• Awning windows feature a multi-point locking system for enhanced security and fusion-welded corners for water tight and air tight surface

Great for insulation, thermal efficiency and noise abatement

  • An elegant up to date modern look. Durable uPVC.  Easy to operate and easy to clean.  This type of window is ideal for rooms and hallways.
  • Casement windows open easy to operate and clean. Casement windows open 90 degrees with a crank handle. Energy Efficient and offer a great look and security.

Casement windows are modern and known to be easy to clean and operate.

  • This type of window is ideal for bathroom and kitchens. This type of window allows air to flow easily and excellent insulation along with thermal efficiency.  Easy to access and clean
  • Most practical and affordable windows. Best used with low-E glass insulated with Krypton gas. Opens smoothly and easy to clean.
  • This is more of a classic style. The upper Sash is fixed in place while the bottom sash gliders easily go up and down and also tilts inward to provide easy access to both clean and operate.
  • Simple Horizontal sliding function. These types of windows are more cost effective but similar to Casement windows.  The End Vent Slider features a fixed middle pane with a sliding and inward tilting pane on either side.
  • This is a stand-alone window Piece. If you want to add character to your home, this would be a good combination of all types such as casement, slider or hung window depending on the desired design.
  • Features a large mid-section and two narrow side sections. These types of windows are best suited for areas in the house where there are airflow and can benefit from natural light